Ian Lawson

Born in Manchester, England, in 1957. His early years were spent in rural Lancashire where he nurtured his love for nature and the landscape. At high school Ian’s passion was the visual arts, with photography the perfect medium to express his thoughts and experiences.
Ian Lawson studied at Manchester Polytechnic for a Bachelor Arts degree in Fine Art Photography. In the years after graduation, he perfected his craft and gained commercial success with his corporate career, travelling the globe for national and international organisations.
In 2006, Ian experienced a shift in perspective, and increasingly began to devote his attention to capturing landscapes. It is a decision he has never regretted.
In 2007, Ian moved to the Lake District National Park, a place that has always been close to his heart and which remains a constant source of inspiration for his personal work. It is a move that has allowed Ian to develop the style and content characterising his work today.
Ian now works exclusively within the landscape documentary genre, filling his time with self-initiated projects. In 2011, he formed his own publishing company, Ian Lawson Books, to create unique visual stories about the places he has come to love. Amongst these places are the Hebrides and Ian has produced a series of outstanding images as may be seen below.
He lives in the Lake District, Cumbria, with his two Border collie sheep-dogs, Jack and Drifter.

Example Works

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