Coffee at Morven Gallery

The café offers a pleasant place to enjoy speciality leaf teas, hand-crafted coffees and home made cakes. We aim to make the best possible espresso coffee by grinding to order freshly roasted gourmet coffee beans for our new Synesso coffee machine. If everything is done right the espresso oozes from the portafilter like molten honey producing a liquid with a creamy head and a sticky mouth-feel. The taste of a good espresso has multiple components and (some say) tastes as good as the beans smell!

We recommend that you taste an espresso on its own, but most people will choose one of the drinks based on espresso but made with steamed milk such as our signature "flat white"

espressoEspresso - 30 ml of concentrated coffee to give you an instant caffeine boost or to form the basis of the cappuccino, flat white, latte or mochaccino.
cappuccinoCappuccino - the classic Italian drink served in a 5oz cup, characterized by its high ratio of espresso to milk and its thick foam top layer through which the coffee is drunk giving a lovely creamy taste with the coffee to the forefront.
flat whiteFlat white - the main New Zealand or Australian coffee drink. The milk is steamed to a smooth microfoam which means it has a creamy texture and, in contrast to the cappuccino, a flat surface with a pattern on the top just for you.
latteLatte - served in our largest cup, this is our milkiest, mildest coffee. The milk is steamed but not foamed as in other drinks.
mochaccinoMochaccino - similar to a cappuccino but with a spoonful of cocoa stirred into the espresso before adding the steamed milk.
synesso espresso machinePride and joy - our Synesso, the 'Rolls Royce' of espresso machines.
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