Gill Thompson

Gill is an artist and printmaker based on the Isle of Lewis. She has recently relocated from Herefordshire where she was involved in setting up an Artists Cooperative and organising exhibitions and workshops in a variety of art skills. Gill studied art and design at the University of North Carolina and at Hereford College of Art alongside her teaching career and has had many successful exhibitions of her work. Her style is constantly evolving and incorporates printmaking techniques (monoprint, linoprint, collagraph) in mixed media compositions as well as pieces using one specific medium. Much of Gill’s current work uses the process of collagraph to create carefully built, complex multi-layered blocks which are then hand printed using an etching press. She is fascinated by constructing printing plates using found materials or carving into card or lino to produce images that reflect the shapes and textures of the natural world. Each image is unique and reflects the island landscape with its rugged coastline and rich moorland colours and textures. Pictures are signed as v/e which means ‘Variable Edition’. This indicates that every time the plate is inked there will be different colour combinations and the printed image is then hand coloured in places. No two collagraphs are identical although there will be similarites. No more than 5 passes through the etching press are made as the plate gradually becomes unuseable. This method of producing images is an exciting way of connecting with the environment and portraying some of the features of this beautiful island. Gill’s background as a teacher and her love of art and theatre have all contributed to the development of her work which continues to evolve as she explores ways of expressing her connection with the places and settings around her.

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Example Works

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